Prodigals (2017 film)

Interview, The Sault Star (PDF)

“I hope that the people that I grew up with in the Sault, and who get the same jokes and understand the same sense of humour that I had and developed when I was there, I hope they really get those references as well and enjoy it.”

Prodigals (2011 play)

Interview, The Georgia Straight (PDF)

“Every time we read it in the room there was just tons of energy coming from every actor, whereas now everyone’s had more time to sit back and think about their characters.”

Review, The Georgia Straight (PDF)

“Sean Minogue’s script is ripe with wit and with the heartache of missed opportunities.”

Review (2010 workshop), The Georgia Straight (PDF)

“Minogue is a promising writer. Those don’t show up every day. If you run into him, buy him a beer.”

Us & Everything We Own (play, 2013)

Interview, Westender (PDF)

“As a bulldozer digs a hole for another condo tower o Main Street, a group of actors is in a nearby studio rehearsing a play about a generation of young people who mourn the idea of ever being able to own their own home.”

Interview, The Georgia Straight (PDF)

“Vancouver and Toronto are dealing with similar issues that inform the context of this play—Vancouver just seems to be a more extreme example.”

Interview, North Shore News (PDF)

“I think I just accept the fact that there is a greater world out there and the Internet wants to be a part of my life.”

Review, Jo Ledingham (PDF)

“Us & Everything We Own takes a significant turn fairly early and becomes a discussion about ambition: who has it, who doesn’t and what does class have to do with it?”

Review, Press +1 (PDF)

“I think twenty-somethings are worried about how they will ever be able to afford to buy a home while they struggle to find decent employment, and this play captures that anxiety very well through well-rounded characters and an engaging plot.”